Door control system with automatic edge type setup.


Designed for latest standard EN 12453:2017.with reference to EN13849-1. 


Connection for electronic encoder or mechanical limits.


Connection of 3 edge types. (Pneumatic, 8k2 electric or optical edge).


Increased safety by second motor switch-off in case of welded contactor.  Simply DIL switch setup on 10 pole DIL switch.


Automatic encoder type and rotation direction by learning.


Photo safety input with automatic test function.


Connector for Teleco radio.


Connector for membrane keypad.


Connector for external auto close switch.


Connection for special 1-phase motor.


Select for 230V or 400V mains.


Door cycles - Electronic counter.


AUX voltage free output for brake control.


Option for plug-in screw terminals.


Speed input for torque control.


Special photo disabling before floor limit, if photo transmitter/receiver is placed in door frame.


Special go function selectable on DIL switch.


Option for Lamp-PCB for traffic light or 2 relays for free programming.


Option RS485 output for special features.


Certified Class B functional safety software.

Product sheet