LCCV3 Inverter Control


- Door control with integrated inverter for high speed doors.

- Smooth start and stop to increase life of mechanical components.

- Strong inverter for AC motor sized up to 2.2 kW, 3 x 230V.

- Overload capacity 150% of rated current, 60 sec.

- Aluminum housing. IP66.

- User friendly graphical display with backlight for easy setup.

- Connection for electronic encoders. (Dalmatic, Feig, Kostal)

- Connection of 3 edge types. (Pneumatic, 8k2 electric or optical edge).

- 2 x Photo safety input with automatic test function.

- Plug-in terminals for external push-buttons – OPEN – STOP - CLOSE.

- Plug-in connector for Teleco radio.

- AUX relay output for brake.

- AUX potential free change over relay output for free user purpose.

- AUX potential free signal solid state relay output.

- Plug-in connector for Lamp-PCB for traffic light or 2 relays for free programming.

- Option RS485 output for special features.

- Options for self learning edgetype, encoder type and rotation direction.

- Option for 24 Hour clock for log registering.

- Future options for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication.

- Designed for future standard EN 12453:2014.with reference to EN13849-1.

- Certified Class B functional safety software.

Product sheet