UPS system for fire protection gates

UPS system

UPS system for fire protection gates, fire shutters and escape doors.


The UPS system is activated in the event of power failure and ensures that the fire protection gates are closed and fire shutters and escape doors are opened in the event of power failure.

These systems are often combined with the triggering via. ABA/ABV or ABDL systems that detect fire in the building.


R050-1423/24 is like the larger model R050-1434 designed with the intelligent fire control system that constantly work and monitors lines with your ABA/ABV or ABDL system


These are mainly used on industrial gates/doors.

In the event of a power failure, this may be the solution for you if you already have an existing control system, which is not to be replaced.

The system is intended for roller shutters, gate motors, door automation etc. In (1x230V), out (1x230)

Flexible emergency power system for automatic gate/door systems supporting 1 ~ 230V power supply.

The system can be easily used together with industrial automation with single-phase frequency inverter.

Battery capacity 2000 Watt.

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