LCE-DC-F2 Dock Leveler Controller

Product description

The LCE-DC-F2 Dock Leveler Controller from Dalmatic is a complete solution for managing and controlling your dock leveler operations. Designed with advanced features and technology, this controller ensures that your dock leveler operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently.


The electronic motor protection (current monitoring) feature ensures that the motor is protected from any potential damage. The self-learning motor size feature allows the controller to adapt to motors ranging from 0.75 to 1.5 kW, making it a versatile solution for any dock leveler. The control for telescopic lip and swing lip provides easy and precise control of the lip movement, while the automatic detection of swing lip top position adds an extra layer of safety.


The on-board motor contactor up to 1.5 kW, combined with the solid state MOSFET transistor for driving valves, makes the LCE-DC-F2 a powerful and reliable solution. The selectable NO and NC of Photo or micro switch adds extra flexibility, and the OPEN and CLOSE limits input for door interface allows for seamless integration with other systems.


The LCE-DC-F2 is equipped with a 30VA or 47VA transformer, protected by a multifuse, and is compatible with mains voltage select of 230-400 VAC. The 16-pole DIL SW functions setup, 7 pushbutton inputs, and 2 LED lid lamps output make the LCE-DC-F2 easy to use and operate. The AUX relay output (optional) and 2 AUX 24VDC outputs provide additional functionality, while the door interface outputs for OPEN, CLOSE, and STOP, and 230 VAC Dock Light output make it a complete solution for managing your dock leveler.


The 3 valves outputs, green LED for power, yellow LED on 24VDC output, yellow LED on valves outputs, yellow LED on motor contactor, and red LED for indicating error codes provide clear and easy to understand information about the status of the dock leveler. The green LED for correct phase sequence, 2 x 230VAC outputs for green and red traffic lights, and the connector for the optional membrane keypad make the LCE-DC-F2 a comprehensive solution for your dock leveler needs.


The cycle counter readout on 2 LEDs, switch input for e.g. key switch, and 2 x 24VDC signal input for sensors like e.g. wheel chock, make the LCE-DC-F2 a versatile and customizable solution. With the OEM design and patent pending technology, the LCE-DC-F2 Dock Leveler Controller is the perfect choice for managing and controlling your dock leveler operations.


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