230VAC Comfort UPS

Comfort UPS

Comfort UPS for Sectional doors

Dalmatic TNV 230VAC Comfort UPS for Sectional doors

With the Comfort UPS from Dalmatic, you can enhance the operation and safety of your sectional door control system. This advanced UPS is used to operate a sectional door control system (230 VAC single phase) and is installed between the existing AC power output and the door control system. In case of a power failure, the product goes into standby mode (without lights on the front). When the turn switch on the lid is activated, the UPS starts up and provides 230 VAC to the door control system and can also provide the control system an "open" signal.

After 3 minutes, the UPS returns to standby mode (can be reset).


 Green light indicates that AC power is available

 Yellow light indicates the output from the UPS is available

 Auto shutdown in the event of AC power failure (no light)

 230 VAC - 2000VA - 1400W

 Pure sine wave output making it perfect for supporting critical loads.


Used mainly on industrial gates, as well as on sliding doors in shopping centres or at workplaces.

In the event of a power failure, this can be an excellent solution.

The system is intended for, for example, roller shutters, gate motors, door automation etc. In (1x230V), out (1x230)

Flexible emergency power system for automatic gate systems supporting 1 ~ 230V power supply. The system can easily be used

together with industrial automation with single-phase frequency inverter.

There is an option for an additional module for battery capacity monitoring.

Battery capacity is from 750 to 2000 Watts.

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