Dalmatic TNV launches a new generation of boxes

Dalmatic TNV launches a new generation of boxes.

We are ready with the V7E Sectional door controller in BLACK – Same technology, same size more exclusive.

We will announce more products from
“THE BLACK GENERATION” January 2021 – Stay updated

New 230VAC comfort UPS launched by Dalmatic TNV

Dalmatic TNV has just launched a new comfort UPS emergency supply.

The 230VAC UPS supply is made with 24V battery pack and can be used for a variety of possibilities.

Door sections, Roller shutters and much more.

Datasheet with a short presentation and specifications, will soon be available on the website

Dalmatic TNV launches new frequency door controller

Dalmatic TNV has just launched a new frequency door controller.

Based on the V7E, the door controller is built together with a frequency inverter.

This combined product is delivered in one box and is approved by TÜV as a unit.

This completes the TÜV approved range of door controllers at Dalmatic TNV.

New DoC and DoP certificate

We have just completed our test of power supplies suitable for battery back- up. This is specifically related to doors being part of a fire and smoke ventilation setup.

Our DoC and DoP certificate relating to this product is available on the website under Approvals and Certifications.

Hereby Dalmatic TNV complies to the present requirements for DS / EN 12101-10 class A, and this is accepted by the Danish Fire and Safety Institute (DBI’s guideline 027 2nd edition Aug. 2015).