LCE-DC4 Dock Control PCB





The LCE-DC4 Dock Leveller Controller is a cutting-edge technology that offers a range of features for effective control of dock levellers. Its electronic motor protection and hall-sensor or current transformer technology ensure reliable performance. The self-learning motor size and 24 VDC switch-mode power supply make it suitable for motors ranging from 0.75 to 1.5 kW. The device also offers a range of power supply options, including mains voltage selections for 3x230 or 3x400 VAC. With its 4 x 24 VDC valve outputs, 6 x 24 VDC AUX outputs, and 4 x digital or analog sensor inputs, the LCE-DC4 provides a comprehensive solution for managing dock levellers. Optional wireless LAN connectivity and a 4-digit status and configuration LED display make it user-friendly. The device also features relays for external door control, potential-free outputs, and 230 VAC outputs for traffic or dock light. With its patented power technology and OEM design possibilities, the LCE-DC4 is a versatile and efficient solution for dock leveller control.


The PCB is under development.
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More information and details such as door control case possibilities, technical details and 3D designs.
Can be found in LCE-DC4's product sheet underneath.


Product sheet