STM-E-V.0 Encoder - Single-turn magnetic absolute encoder



STM-E-V.0 - Singleturn magnetic absolute encoder



STM-E-V.0 is a compact single-turn magnetic absolute encoder that eliminates the need for a battery. With its dimensions of 73x45x36 mm and impressive precision, it's ideal for torque control applications. It offers high resolution and fast data communication via RS485 serial connections.


Features and Specifications:

  • Magnetic Absolute Encoder: STM-E-V.0 ensures accurate positioning without a battery backup.
  • High Resolution and Speed: Provides precision and fast output.
  • RS485 Serial Communication: Supports data communication at up to 100 k Baud.
  • Easy Connection: Convenient connector and screwless terminals.
  • Safety and Reliability: Includes a disengage switch and thermal protection.
  • Moisture Protection: Circuit board lacquered to protect against humidity.



STM-E-V.0 is suitable for motor control, robotics, machine building, and precision machinery. It offers precision, reliability, and easy integration, making it ideal for industrial use.


Choose STM-E-V.0 for precise and reliable performance in a compact package, without worrying about batteries. Whether you need accurate positioning, speed control, or data communication, STM-E-V.0 is the right solution for your application.


The encoder is under development.
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More information can be found in STM-E-V0s  product sheet underneath.
Product sheet