Producentens fremvisning af produkter indenfor port branchen

Dalmatic launches new frequency door controller

Dalmatic has just launched a new frequency door controller.

Based on the V7E, the door controller is built together with a frequency inverter.

This combined product is delivered in one box and is approved by TÜV as a unit.

This completes the TÜV approved range of door controllers at Dalmatic.

New DoC and DoP certificate

We have just completed our test of power supplies suitable for battery back- up. This is specifically related to doors being part of a fire and smoke ventilation setup.

Our DoC and DoP certificate relating to this product is available on the website under Approvals and Certifications.

Hereby Dalmatic TNV complies to the present requirements for DS / EN 12101-10 class A, and this is accepted by the Danish Fire and Safety Institute (DBI’s guideline 027 2nd edition Aug. 2015).

TÜV Certification

We are proud to inform you that we have extended the TÜV certification on our V.7E door control.

Prior to the certification, the control has been through an update in the highly thorough test laboratory in Germany.

The certification is a confirmation that the door control lives up to all the newest, valid quality- and security requirements.

See the certification under Declarations and certificates

Merger between DALMATIC and TNV

DALMATIC and TNV merged per December 14, 2017 with DALMATIC as the continuing company. DALMATIC has subsequently changed its name to DALMATIC TNV A/S with TNV-electronic A/S as a secondary name.