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It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce the newest addition to our team here at Dalmatic TNV A/S. We have just welcomed Martin Præst(Praest), who steps into the role of our new CCO.

Martin brings an impressive background in sales and business development, and we are excited to have him on board with our team. With a strong understanding of strategic leadership and growth, we are confident that Martin will play a central role in our continued success and development.

We look forward to working closely with Martin to strengthen our sales strategy, build deeper customer relationships, and explore new business opportunities.

We are convinced that Martin will bring valuable expertise and enthusiasm to our team, and we anticipate seeing how our company grows under his leadership.

Contact information – Mail: / Phone: +45 24446210


Have a great weekend.

Development news

DEVELOPMENT NEWS! Dalmatic launches a new feature on the website.

Development news – It is now possible to take a look in to our upcoming products. You will be able to read the new features and other possibilties by pressing the “product sheet”.

The 3 future products can be found under (Products->Development) in the top main menu.

We will announce more development news in the future. Marts 2021 – Stay updated!

Dalmatic launches a new generation of boxes

Dalmatic TNV launches a new generation of boxes.

We are ready with the V7E Sectional door controller in BLACK – Same technology, same size more exclusive.

We will announce more products from
“THE BLACK GENERATION” January 2021 – Stay updated