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Development news

DEVELOPMENT NEWS! Dalmatic launches a new feature on the website.

Development news – It is now possible to take a look in to our upcoming products. You will be able to read the new features and other possibilties by pressing the “product sheet”.

The 3 future products can be found under (Products->Development) in the top main menu.

We will announce more development news in the future. Marts 2021 – Stay updated!

Dalmatic launches a new generation of boxes

Dalmatic TNV launches a new generation of boxes.

We are ready with the V7E Sectional door controller in BLACK – Same technology, same size more exclusive.

We will announce more products from
“THE BLACK GENERATION” January 2021 – Stay updated

New 230VAC comfort UPS launched by Dalmatic

Dalmatic just launched a new comfort UPS emergency supply.

The 230VAC UPS supply is made with 24V battery pack and can be used for a variety of possibilities.

Door sections, Roller shutters and much more.

Datasheet with a short presentation and specifications, will soon be available on the website